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WikiPack is a great way to write and organise your information online

Private, secure, simple wiki

In this modern day and age, how do we stay on top of the amount of information we need in our busy lives? Our days are short, so we need to free our minds to spend more time creating, inventing, discovering, and less time treating them like a database. We need a helpful tool to write, organise, and retrieve information that is simple yet powerful, private, accessible, and portable.

WikiPack is the solution.


Secure, transparent cloud sync with Dropbox

We find ourselves needing access to our data from multiple devices these days - desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet - and many people have put their trust in Dropbox to store their data in the cloud.

WikiPack is a web application, which means there is nothing to download, configure, or install. You just log in with an Internet enabled device, and it transparently syncs your data with Dropbox via their secure API.

Your wiki is private - only you can access it - and your data is always your data; there's no need to export or backup, and should you decide to leave WikiPack, it's still right there on Dropbox.

Read our privacy policy

Dropbox sync

Organise your pages together

With WikiPack, you can link your pages together to record how they relate to each other, and to categorise and organise them. This is what makes WikiPack unique - by simply adding WikiWords to your pages, they are automatically linked together into your own personal, private wiki.

For example, if you put a link on your food page to a page for a recipe you want to try, that recipe page knows that it's related to your food page and will automatically link back to it. In fact, every page in your wiki is automatically interlinked together by the WikiWords you add to them, giving you total control of how your information is organised.

Format your information as you like

You can take notes, insert links, maybe add a bulleted list, and perhaps use some simple formatting like bold & italics. It's also portable - you can edit & view your pages in many different applications.

WikiPack achieves this by using plaintext files that are usable by almost any application, and adds the ability to format your documents with Markdown:

Markdown is intended to be as easy-to-read and easy-to-write as is feasible.

Readability, however, is emphasized above all else. A Markdown-formatted document should be publishable as-is, as plain text, without looking like it’s been marked up with tags or formatting instructions.

Markdown and HTML side by side

Get things done with ad-hoc todo lists

We all love making lists, but not nearly as much as the satisfaction of checking them off as done. With WikiPack, you can be more productive by adding todo lists to any page in your wiki, and marking them off with checkboxes. In keeping with our obsession with Markdown, they can contain formatting within the items themselves, like bold, italic, code, links, etc.

Ad-hoc todo lists are designed to help you be more productive, not replace your GTD system, but there's plenty of room for exciting things to come. Being able to drop them into your Markdown pages right now already makes them great for outlining, mind-mapping, and fleshing out your lists with free-form additions like images, tables, code blocks, etc. all from within the same awesome web-based Markdown editor.

By using standard "hyphenated" list syntax, your lists remain portable - viewing a WikiPack page containing todos in other applications like Marked will just render them as a regular bulleted list.

Ad-hox Markdown todo lists

The power of a word processor in an open file format

Forget .docx files, you'll be up and running with Markdown in no time, (if you're not already crazy about it). WikiPack's GUI editor comes with tools for handling most of the Markdown for you, and has a built-in reference to help you along with the rest. So if you've used a word processor, it should feel very familiar.

Making text bold for example works just as you'd expect: select a word and hit the bold button or a keyboard shortcut, and making text italic is just as easy. WikiPack also provides smart tools for working with links, images, lists, quotes, and code blocks that are usually only seen in prime desktop Markdown editors.

And yes, it also supports MultiMarkdown tables.

Gui Markdown editor

Compare and rollback to previous versions

You can be free to focus on writing, and not concerned at all about damaging your work. WikiPack has a built in time machine that lets you view previous versions of your pages, compare the changes, and roll back to an earlier version as needed.

If you've ever held back from making a major change for fear of messing something up, you can worry no more. If it doesn't come out as expected, you can back out in just a few clicks, so jump in and start writing!

Dropbox time machine

Quickly access any page from anywhere

There's no point storing information if you never access it again; you might as well print it out and lock it in a filing cabinet. An information organiser is only as good as it's ability to retrieve information, and WikiPack has you covered.

The quick search box auto-completes with your page names as you type, so navigating between them is fast and simple. You can also mark pages as favourites to keep them handy at all times.

Can't remember which page you put something on? WikiPack can search inside your pages to help you find what you're looking for.

Search autocomplete and favourites

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Prices starting at $0.00/month with Dropbox sync