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WikiPack has been decomissioned

TLDR: Dropbox deprecated V1 of their API, the Amex card that had been paying for hosting all these years got cancelled (suddenly, and without warning), development had stalled years ago, so the plug has been pulled.

Re-re-re-write that was never finished

WikiPack started life as a humble Rails 2.X app. It’s really simple and worked great, but I’d since taken a full-time job and stopped working on it.

Then I started a complete re-rewrite in Rails 3. Life happened, and it never got finished.

Rails 4 came along, so another re-write was started, and again, never finished…

Rails 5 is already here, and Rails 6 is on the horizon, but there won’t be any more re-writes.

Not enough traction

It was a cool little project, but only had about 1,100 people sign up for it all time.

Thtat’s not a financially viable product

A goodbye to Trunk Notes

Seems that as I was writing this, Trunk Notes itself has announced that it will not see and further development.

Life going by, embracing entropy

Do I stil use WikiPack, Trunk Notes, Markdown, wikis etc?

Kinda, not really.

I still update Markdown files from my personal wiki occasionally, but using Folding Text on my Mac. I occasionally open Trunk Notes on my poor old iPhone 5S, but only to view the odd page or two. My 1st generation iPad Mini is outdated and no longer supports Dropbox sync at all, so I can’t even use Trunk Notes there. And with WikiPack unable to sync to Dropbox either, I’m not really actively maintaining my wiki. These days I just dump links into my Wunderlist inbox, but even that will be decommissioned (or irredeemably defiled) soon, having been acquired by Microsoft.

I suppose I’m also just too busy. And tired. My brain is old and full :)

For years I’d been working so hard to try and organise and retrieve carefully structured data. It might have helped get me get to where I am today (CTO of a successful startup), but there really isn’t much reward for being highly organised and efficient, not in meetings and brainstorming sessions with people happily perched atop mount stupid, blissfully unaware that they are exemplar of the Dunning-Kruger effect :)

So my new quest is looking for ways to embrace the inevitability of entropy.